Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So I just recently joined a new gym and they have classes called body combat. I wasn't sure what it was so I looked it up on YouTube one day and thought "oh I can for sure do that!"

The class is one hour of pure cardio/ interval training. You do routined movements that include punching and kicks, so it's pretty much a mix of kick boxing, ring boxing and karate without an opponent.

During my first class I thought I was going to die, I was sweating out of every pore in my body...and I NEVER sweat. That was about 10 classes back, I go every week and it is always a new challenge but I love it!! Not gonna lie, I felt a little dumb doing the punches because I have never punched anything in my life, but the music makes it easy to get into it and be synchronized. It is the best workout without feeling like you're working out!! If you're looking for a quick way to get in shape I definitely recommend this class!

Friday, March 25, 2011


If you have ever walked somewhere with me, and we happen to walk past a pole, you may know that I am somewhat superstitious. I used to always make fun of my mom because she believes in these crazy things...but now I believe in a few myself, I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. Here's my lovely list of superstitions.

1) If you and someone else (friend or lover) walk on opposite sides of a pole, it could mean that you will be separated/your friendship will diminish sometime in the future. So yes, I make people walk back around onto my side of the pole.

2) My mom always told me never to count the money I am going to earn ahead of time because it is just plain bad luck, aka you won't have any money to count in the future.

3) The classic one, "knock on wood". I kinda take it to the next level, if there is no wood around, you are supposed to knock on your head (don't ask why). Or sometimes I will spit over my left shoulder (subtley of course).

4) When I listen to music in the car, the volume has to be on an even number. Again, don't ask why, it's just some stupid thing I picked up somewhere.

5) Can't open an umbrella in a house, it's bad luck.

6) I try not to put my purse on the floor/ ground because it means you lose money or something.

7) My mom always tells me to spit (not like legit hawk and spit) on cash or newly bought items because it will bring you more of them.

8) My neighbor who is from Denmark told me that if it rains on your birthday it means you were bad that year...I still kinda believe that lol. Also, if it rains on the day of your wedding it means you'll have lots of money.

9) Friday the 13th scares me, I try to be careful on that day.

10) If you have a dream about someone, it means that they are thinking/talking about you.

11) It's bad luck to pick a penny up off the ground when the tails side is up. Only pick it up when it's heads.

12) Oh and last one, karma. I totally believe in it, I am always afraid to do something bad/revengeful to someone (only when they deserve it of course) because I feel like it will come back to haunt me. I just believe that karma will do it's job.

I might be lame to believe in these things but I can't help it. Surprisingly, I do not believe in the black cat superstition, walking under a ladder or break a mirror seven years of bad luck superstition. Also, I found this website that has tons of superstitions and some of them are pretty funny, check it out!

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