Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dear GRE, you are going to be the death of me

So now that I am a college grad, I am considered an adult that is ready to enter the "real world". But, I am definitely trying to postpone that process by going back to school :) 
So I've decided to apply to graduate school!

It's probably the best choice considering the status of the economy and my young age. Not to mention, I've always enjoyed school and did well with it. But now I may have found my kryptonite...three simple letters. 
These letters stand for the Graduate Record Examination, A.K.A. the hardest and most ridiculous test ever!!!! Ask any graduate student and they will feel free to share the moans and groans they feel towards this horrible test, but it's just something someone has to do to get into graduate school.

          The test has three sections: analytical writing (2 essays), verbal, and math.
 The essays aren't too bad and the math section is just a review of the math from high school that you never fully learned, but it is learnable.
 The section that I despise is the verbal section. The "learn all the words in the entire world" section. It includes antonym, analogy, and other verbal problems. 

Here's a sample analogy question: 
        They give me this analogy >>> DIN:CACOPHONOUS 
and the most similar answer is >>> DRONE:MONOTONOUS 

  If I had a dictionary I would be golden, but unfortunately, you aren't allowed to have one during the test haha. Hence, I have to memorize practically all of the words ever invented, especially since I can't predict which words will be on the test. 
  In other words, I will be spending my time drowning in flash cards marked with vocabulary words that I will never use again. And all this to go BACK to school and pay MORE money, oh joy what was i thinking...maybe I should just take my chances in the "real world". 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goodbye sweet summer

Sunday marked the last sunday of the summer and today marks the first day of fall!  Although summer is my favorite time of year I have to admit fall is beautiful. The weather is slowly changing, making mornings a little bit chillier and the sun set earlier. This is the reason for the amazing assortment of leaf colors. And even though fall time brings new memories such as football games, halloween and thanksgiving, I won't forget the amazing memories summer 2010 brought!
I started my summer off with an incredible accomplishment. I graduated from the University of Utah with a mass communication degree at the age of 20! Many have asked me how I was able to do this and it was because I finished my associate's degree in high school, no i'm not an overachiever despite what everyone thinks haha!

After graduation I was off to Lake Mead for Sigma Chi's annual "kick of the summer" trip. It was my second year going and I had a great time! All the sororities from the U go and meet the Sigma Chi boys who have planned the whole week. We spend our time camping on the beach, hanging out on the houseboats, boating and bonding with each other. Even though I graduated, I am definitely going next summer :)
The lake mead crew...minus a few
If I were to write about every detail of my summer I would be writing for hours, so I'll just say it was filled with long nights, barbecues, birthdays, bees games, boating, and other sun-filled activities! Oh...and I met a cute boy (more about that later).
First barbeque of the summer
One of the many birthday dinners 
Raging Waters
Kelly and I hiked to the top of mount Olympus...a total of 7 hours
Utah Lake
The Southern Slam party at Sigma Chi

And the cherry on top of my magnificant summer was a trip to Lake Powell! Greg, the cute boy I mentioned earlier, invited me to spend a week in Powell with his family and it was the best time ever! Not only was his family so welcoming, but I did so many fun things! I learned how to surf behind the boat and caught some air wakeboarding, built a sand castle, slept under the stars and carved names into rock. Plus I realized I have the best boyfriend ever :)


So goodbye sweet summer, you were good to me and left me with amazing memories. I hope fall is just as great and I'll see you next year!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm gonna be a blogger

  It's official! I'm gonna be a blogger! Of course, my inspiration wasn't my own. I have several friends who have their own blogs and I've enjoyed reading them. Yet, many of those friends were married or engaged and I felt that maybe it wasn't my time to start my blog. But I realized I am in a new chapter of my life and it's the perfect time to start something new. Not to mention, I saw blogs of my close unmarried friends (like my fellow Pi Phi sister Jill Conrad) and was truly inspired and excited. I am a thinker and a dreamer, I love to share and have always enjoyed writing about life's adventures and obstacles in my journal. It's funny because I am a little nervous, but I am optimistic that this blog will be my new technology-savvy journal (that is updated more than once a year).  I hope this blog will connect me with others as well as document my life, and hopefully my life will be as exciting as I imagine it is :)