Monday, September 19, 2011

Proud to be a UTE!

So of course this post just had to come right after the Utes had their big win against BYU, big as in 54-10 haha!! But that's not the only reason I'm proud of the University of Utah and proud to be an alumni ute.

Not only are we now a PAC-12 school, but we are represented in Victoria's Secret PINK line!! Note:The smallest things have the greatest impact :)


My pledge class 2008, with the
cutest shirts "you had me at halo"
(our symbol is the angels)
 In addition! Utah's Greek system (fraternities) is growing stronger each year! This fall Pi Beta Phi killed it in rush! They got nearly 50 gorgeous, incredible girls. It's nice to know that I left the chapter in good hands.

PC 08 during Rush, hot outfits!

Prez Jill and Yassie :)

Jill Conrad is a great president and I know every position in the house is being run by the best of the best. Our house corporation totally refurnished the Pi Phi house, flat screens tvs and all! Plus we've still got the best chef and we received a ton of accolades at our national convention. I need to stop by and visit all the new girls!!

The New 2011 Pledge Class

Pi Phi till We Die!
Whether or not any of this makes sense to you, point is, Pi Phi is the best. And the University of Utah is the best! So proud to say I'll bleed red till the end :)

Monday Moods- Wrong Side of the Bed

Has anyone ever asked you, 
"Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed"?

What does this mean? For the longest time I became superstitious and actually tried to get out of the right side of my bed every morning. But it actually means, you wake up in a bad mood. Well...that's me today.

Waking up on "the wrong side of the bed" can be caused by lack of sleep, going to bed in a bad mood, waking up late or even hours after you have woken up. For example, that jerk off who honks at you on your drive to school only to ruin your entire day, or a friend who doesn't notice your new haircut...or best of all your significant other who somehow manages to put all of your "aligned stars" out of order. Whatever it is, this is my question: 

why do others affect our mood so much?

Well, I went to handy dandy Google to search this and where ever I looked I found the same answer. Not all of us are on the same "wave length" which is why we can disturb each others' moods so quickly. Hence, we can't always prevent certain factors from putting us down in the dumps, but we can reverse our moods. As much as we would love for every one around us to focus on making us happy, it ultimately comes down to making ourselves happy.

One article on yahoo stated "Returning to your natural state and operating on your optimum energy level is vital to your happiness and well-being". In simple terms this means, we need to do something to make ourselves the way we were before our mood was changed.  One thing is to avoid the things that change your mood. For example, if crowded places stress you out try to avoid those places. If your boyfriend is being a butt head, well you can't really avoid him so that's when you do things that make you happy.

Here's a few the article recommended:

1) Take showers, hot baths, or swim in open water: Water not only cleanses away dirt, it also helps to wash off emotional ‘residue’.

2) Exercise your body: The right type of exercise will calm your body and quiet your mind.

3) Watch a good movie: Movies are a great way to release emotional stress. Watching a sad movie can make you feel more relaxed or calm while a high impact movie can get you back on your feet and energized.

4) Make time for yourself: Most importantly, make time for yourself and do the things you love. By wearing yourself out you make yourself more susceptible to outside influences. Taking time to read a great magazine, having a glass of wine, taking a walk in nature, or just relaxing in a quiet and beautiful place are luxuries you can’t go without. Maybe for you it is singing, dancing, praying, meditating, rock-climbing, or shopping. Whatever does the trick, do it!

Hope this helps! Here's the article I mentioned and one other that I found interesting :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Moods- Sept. 11 What Will You Do?

As you all know, yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Although 10 years feels like just yesterday, it is easy to forget the impact this event had on our country. As I was searching through Google to find the picture above, I saw all of the devastating photos from that dreadful day. It reminded me of all the people that lost and gave their lives.

You may or may not have seen the commercials for the anniversary of September 11. It showed people talking about what they were going to do on the 11th to make a change, and it got me thinking. Why don't we do something every day? Anything! A simple compliment, holding a door, buying someone's lunch. There are so many ways to make the world a little brighter.

When I went to Florida, our flight connected in Atlanta. While we were in line to grab food I witnessed a man buy a soldier his lunch. So simple, but so profound! There are opportunities presented to us every day, we just need to grab hold of them. 

There was one opportunity that I didn't take hold of, and I regret it to this day. I was at the movie theater and a lady came in with a tray of mexican food, she clicked it on her seat and then one minute later it fell. Her delicious dinner was splattered on the theater floor and I thought to myself, "I should go down there and buy her another meal". But I didn't :( I was too nervous and I really wish I would have. So I promised myself that the next time I witness a way I can help,
I will.

Random acts of kindness are contagious. In times like these, kindness is especially needed. Let's go out there and create more smiles and warm some hearts. All it takes is something simple and to say you WILL.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Florida!!!!! :)

Oh man! This trip to Florida was a great way to finish the summer :) It was absolutely perfect!!!!! My parents and Greg and I flew to Tampa Bay and had an amazing hotel, The Crystal Palms Beach Resort, a street away from the beach! So Ill try to give ya less words and more pictures :)

I absolutely love this picture :) My dad and I in Miami when I was 11 and then back in Florida when I turned 21 :) so cute! (yes, he's wearing the same shorts haha he said he planned that)

The view from our balcony at Crystal Palms Beach Resort!

The first day we went to a place called John's Pass that has a ton of shops and seafood restaurants and places to rent jet skis. Plus Alligators!

This was chewy the alligator, he's famous. He's been on animal planet and such because he's trained and responds to commands haha. Alligators and Crocs creep me out!! They make this scary hissing sound and move so weirdly!

We got to go to a NFL game, it was awesome! It was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers v. Miami Dolphins, my favorite team was the dolphins, obvi! 
The dolphins lost but it didn't matter because we had row 5 seats and got to watch hot cheerleaders haha

The next day we went to Clearwater Beach, it's rated one of the top beaches in the U.S. It was beautiful. The sand was white and soft and awesome!
We changed into dry clothes and walked along the beach and the pier. We went to dinner at this place called Crabbie's, they had fresh seafood, delicious! We ate so much!!

DisneyWorld!!!! Orlando was a little less than a two hours drive away so I NEEDED to go to DisneyWorld. I found park tickets on Ebay for super cheap, so it worked out great! So happy!

Mount Everest! The first ride we went on :) I was so surprised how fun the ride was. It was a roller coaster that took you up to the top of the mountain where the tracks just end. Thinking you're stuck there forever it speeds backwards taking you through pitch black winding turns that lead you to sasquatch, scary! The thing I love the most is that each ride has a story making it that much more amazing!

Our safari ride, this was another one of my favorites! I felt like I was in Africa! 

This was the Bug's Life 3D show, Greg loved this ride, it was so cool. The 3d bugs shot poison at us and you could feel little bugs crawl under your seat haha kinda scary but super neat! (Greg hates this picture, i love it)

After the Animal Kingdom we went to the Magic Kingdom, it was always my dream to see Cinderella's Castle, so happy!
omnomnomnom our $8 cheeseburger haha

They had like 3 shows and parades while we were there, talk about perfect timing!

we waited in line for an hour! not really worth it but we got a good picture out of it :)

The haunted mansion!!

Park # 3, Hollywood Studios! I can't believe we made it to all three main parks! We were there for 12 hours and loved every second of it :)

Tower of Terror, my fav!!!! We went on it twice, I would ride it all day!

 The last ride was def worth the wait! The rock n rollercoaster! Speeds up from 0 to 60mph in like one second!
  We saw where they were taking the pictures and had a little fun! We bought these pics!

Treasure Island, the beach right by our hotel! Greg and I spent the entire day here it was so nice, we got so much sun!
We made some friends, they only wanted us for our food though :( haha

On our last day we went parasailing, it was the one thing my mom really wanted to do and I'm so happy we did! 
It was so fun to just be lifted up into the sky, we went so high!
It was so quiet being that high up, the birds were even flying below us! The best part of being up there was when I got to see a dolphin! At first I thought it was a shark but it was def a dolphin! I kept repeating that I saw a dolphin it was a highlight of my day/trip!

Obviously we were NOT happy to go back home, but at least we have the most amazing memories!!!