Tuesday, December 28, 2010

End of 2010

I feel like 2010 was a good year, a lot of ups and a few downs, but I did accomplish a lot and I am proud of myself! Every year I write my New Year's resolutions and never look at it again ha. I don't purposely try to avoid it, but I just forget about it. Yet, the cool thing is, after each year I manage to come across that resolution list and I find that I have achieved each goal I had. Call it dumb luck, but I think it has something to do with my subconscious mind. Whatever it is, there's one thing that I believe plays a factor, and it's the fact that my New Year's resolutions are simple. Nothing too crazy or extravagant, they come from the heart and are what I truly want in that moment of time. So with 2011 right around the corner I am going to continue my yearly tradition and make my New Year's resolutions. I wish everyone a great New Year filled with happiness, health, success, luck and love! We all deserve it and I hope life will be in our favor for 2011. See ya'll next year! In the meantime, I'm heading to Vegas to ring in the New Year right :)

Thanks 2010, you brought me some awesome memories!!!!!!

New Hair Do
Rubix cube party

Pi Phi Spring Formal >>>>

<<<<Spring Break '10

Graduation from the U
Interning...meeting the Wayan Brothers

Lake Mead
Summer with the Sigma Chis

My bestie's wedding

Xmas party

Temple Square Lights

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Doing what I want

So good news! I passed the GRE (passing meant getting a score higher than 1000)! This means I don't have to study anymore and can do what I want :) In other words, I will finally read all the books I wanted to read, finish my photo project, work out everyday (maybe haha), stay up late, go to my internship, blog, sit on facebook, be lazy (my favorite) and enjoy winter break! I'm soooo excited :)
I'm putting together my first real photo album that begins w/ college life 

The new series I am stoked to read!

cant wait to go snowboarding!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So today I was listening to some old cds in my car and I thought "wow, I used to be depressed" haha because all of my music was slow, sad, and dreary. At the time I made those cds, I loved those songs because I could relate to the words, but i have to say my music selection is much brighter nowadays. The cds i have made in the last six months are much happier and upbeat, probably because I am much happier for various reasons :) anywho, this song has been my favorite since the summer and I am OBSESSED with it. It will NEVER get old and every time I hear it, it puts a smile on my face and I just jam out to it!! I literally feel fly like a G6 hahaha

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Portrait

So during the summer my best girls and I came up with a brilliant idea! Since we were practically inseparable and considered ourselves a family, we joked around saying we need to make christmas cards. Mind you this was in July...so when December rolled around we actually went through with it and had our very own photo shoot! Here are the lovely pictures, we had so much fun! Thanks to Alex's mom, Susie Miller for taking the pictures and making us look so good!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

20 things about ME!

Since I wanted everyone to make their own post about themselves, here is mine. Once I started the list I was surprised at how easily I realized these traits about myself (I began with 10 things and ended up with 20).

  1. I love candy! I have the biggest sweet tooth :)
  2. Music is my way of feeling when I don't have my own words to express it. I always want to find music that hasn't been played on the radio!
  3. I have always considered myself a hopeless romantic, but maybe not so hopeless anymore...
  4. I love to take bubble baths and read or eat ice cream while I'm in the tub. 
  5. I enjoy being in control, I always seem to be in charge.
  6. Despite #5, I admit it's nice to be a follower, maybe because I get tired of being in control.
  7. I like to do/learn new things. 
  8. I believe the only reason I have low self esteem at times or worry is because I have heard how other people judge/criticize others and I don't want to be the one being talked about. 
  9. I am so close to my parents and am so thankful for our relationship, but sometimes I wish their opinions didn't influence me so much.
  10. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, not OCD at all, I just like to make something perfect when I do it.
  11. I love clothes and shopping!
  12. It is harder for me to write when I am forced to write, when I write what I want, I could do it all day everyday!
  13. I am superstitious, ask any of my friends, I always make them knock on wood and we can ever walk on opposite sides of a pole...
  14. I don't necessarily have an opinion when it comes to politics, I don't really care much about it, except for a few issues. 
  15. I am OBSESSED with cafe rio, I could eat it every week or every day and not get sick of it!
  16. I can be weird/dorky but it is sometimes hidden by my shyness and because of #8.
  17. I am old fashioned when it comes to believing that the man should take charge.
  18. I tend to procrastinate things unless I am really excited about it.
  19. I dislike being late or waiting on people.
  20. I like to be active and do things outdoors, even if my lazy bum stays indoors most of the time...
I could probably make this list even longer, which makes me feel like I have always known who I am, I may have just been a little tainted.


Have you ever heard the phrase, "I need to find myself" or "I don't think I know who I am"? Well I've been thinking a lot about this lately. You would think that as we grow older, it would be easier to discover ourselves but many of us seem to struggle.

I myself have felt the desire to find myself, these moments have come after break ups with boyfriends, feeling like i have no hobbies, or stalking someone on Facebook and thinking "I am not as cool as them, and my life is definitely not as exciting".  But recently, I've come up with a theory. I believe that the reason we feel like we need to "find" ourselves is because we have been tainted.

Think about when you were a child. Now, think about the things you loved and enjoyed to do. As you think about those things, think about whether or not someone made you like those things. Probably not.

I am nannying a two-year-old and he does what he wants. He told his mom he wanted to grow his hair out, because that's what he likes. He plays with cars because that is what he enjoys. He doesn't want to put the broom away because he wants to touch the ceiling with it.

My point is, when we were kids we were not tainted by anybody's opinion or the latest trend. I believe many of us struggle to find out who we really are because we tend to follow what is cool or do what your HOT crush likes to do or wear what looks good on her. And once we mold ourselves into what we see, we tend to lose touch with who we really used to be.

Sometimes, these outside influences help us discover what we enjoy and who we would like to be, but if you find yourself struggling to be content with yourself- go back to the basics. Think about the dreams you had as a kid, what made you happy, what you would tell your friends that you liked and apply it to today. Much of it could be the same, which will help you understand who you are :)

In fact, anyone who reads this, I want you to make your own post about what makes you, YOU. Share 5, 10 or 20 things that are unique about yourself. You'll be surprised that you know more about who you are than you think, and you may not need to continue "finding yourself".