Thursday, January 26, 2012

In this moment

In this moment...I am happy. I haven't posted anything for a good while because...well...I'm not sure why :) All I know is that I feel like things have been falling into place lately. Nothing too big, just little simple details of life. For the past two days I have been sick...but today, I feel great.And although just last week I was beyond stressed/overwhelmed, it seems like that is just a faded moment. Maybe it's the fact that I've been going back to the gym, maybe it's because my room is clean, maybe because I've reconnected with old friends and made new ones, or maybe it's because I'm finally taking the steps towards making my life better. Whatever it is, it has led me to feel really good today! And so I wanted to share :)

I love seeing the positivity that others have been sharing through Twitter, Instagram, Blogs and Facebook lately. I definitely have noticed that more people have become more grateful for the little (and the big) things life has to offer, and it's contagious. Even if the challenges in my life sometimes bring me to my knees and push me to tears, I realize that I am subtly blessed with a lot of help to guide me through the rough times. Like the people that are a part of my life every day, who give so much to me without realizing it. The opportunities that always seem to present themselves. The gifts that are unexpectedly given. Those moments when an answer or guidance appears at the most needed time. All these things make my heart happy, and I hope that I can hold on to this feeling and always know it. And I hope for you, that you too can feel happiness and peace in this world of craziness. xo


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Xmas and New Years

Hey ya'll! Hope your holidays were amazing!! Mine sure were :) The best part was probably that Christmas and New Years fell on a weekend which made it a long weekend, the hard part though has been waking up to go to work now.
Christmas Day
Christmas was fun :) My parents and I had our traditional Christmas eve dinner and on Christmas day I spent most of the time with Greg's family which is so fun because there's never a dull moment. Greg always gets me the best gifts, he even got a little humorous and bought me a Forever lazy...super attractive lol.

An adult onesie...
The night after Christmas my parents and I did our other tradition of going to see the lights at Temple Square, popular place huh?
City Creek Fountains

Skip forward to New Years Eve! My lovely bestie just moved into a new home with her hubby so they threw a little party! It's crazy because exactly 10 years ago we were ringing in 2002 and now we were together for 2012!

Emelie and I (BFF)

The crew
This new years was a lot more mellow than last year in Vegas, but I had such a fun time! I'm looking forward to 2012, here's a few of my resolutions :)

Continue to give and do community service, be healthy (i.e yoga, drink more water, skin care, better food options), accomplish something great, let people know where I am more often (one day i'll be kidnapped and nobody will know lol), find my career path and be accepting when things don't go my way.

Good luck with all your resolutions!! :) xoxo