Monday, August 22, 2011

Must see this blog!

As of lately I have become an addict. I AM ADDICTED TO PINTEREST! Now I would consider this a healthy addiction (besides the time spent in front of a computer screen) because I have discovered new recipes, found inspiration, gotten fashion ideas and come across amazing websites.

Today, I  kept seeing awesomely cute outfits and found the blog of Miss Sydney and her husband Tyson! 
The Daybook.

Not only are the outfits she posts so perfectly put together but she's from Idaho (I think) sooo really close to Utah. I mention this because she is LDS which makes me even more excited because I know that their culture can get the bad wrap of being a little "stuffy" (just repeating what I've heard)...and her blog and fashion are anything but stuffy. Her style is so fresh and her positive personality can be felt in every post! Plus all the clothes she wears are not super expensive...and she does giveaways :)

I love this blog, check it out!

Click me>>>The Daybook.

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