Friday, December 3, 2010

20 things about ME!

Since I wanted everyone to make their own post about themselves, here is mine. Once I started the list I was surprised at how easily I realized these traits about myself (I began with 10 things and ended up with 20).

  1. I love candy! I have the biggest sweet tooth :)
  2. Music is my way of feeling when I don't have my own words to express it. I always want to find music that hasn't been played on the radio!
  3. I have always considered myself a hopeless romantic, but maybe not so hopeless anymore...
  4. I love to take bubble baths and read or eat ice cream while I'm in the tub. 
  5. I enjoy being in control, I always seem to be in charge.
  6. Despite #5, I admit it's nice to be a follower, maybe because I get tired of being in control.
  7. I like to do/learn new things. 
  8. I believe the only reason I have low self esteem at times or worry is because I have heard how other people judge/criticize others and I don't want to be the one being talked about. 
  9. I am so close to my parents and am so thankful for our relationship, but sometimes I wish their opinions didn't influence me so much.
  10. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, not OCD at all, I just like to make something perfect when I do it.
  11. I love clothes and shopping!
  12. It is harder for me to write when I am forced to write, when I write what I want, I could do it all day everyday!
  13. I am superstitious, ask any of my friends, I always make them knock on wood and we can ever walk on opposite sides of a pole...
  14. I don't necessarily have an opinion when it comes to politics, I don't really care much about it, except for a few issues. 
  15. I am OBSESSED with cafe rio, I could eat it every week or every day and not get sick of it!
  16. I can be weird/dorky but it is sometimes hidden by my shyness and because of #8.
  17. I am old fashioned when it comes to believing that the man should take charge.
  18. I tend to procrastinate things unless I am really excited about it.
  19. I dislike being late or waiting on people.
  20. I like to be active and do things outdoors, even if my lazy bum stays indoors most of the time...
I could probably make this list even longer, which makes me feel like I have always known who I am, I may have just been a little tainted.

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