Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chicago Day 2

So as many of you may know from my DOZEN facebook check-ins and tweets, I am in Chicago! This is my first time here, this trip was somewhat random! My parents' friends from high school live here and we flew out to visit them. My parents were both born in Lithuania and we speak Lithuanian at home so it has been super cool in Chicago because there are Lithuanian towns and communities!

The first night our friend's daughter took me to a restaurant where EVERYTHING was Lithuanian, the people, food, signs, everything haha. It was awesome to meet Lithuanians my age, it was a crazy time!

Then this morning my parents and I drove to a little suburb called Lemont where there is a place called the Lithuanian world center. There we attended mass which was in the Lithuanian language. It was super interesting although there were parts I didn't understand haha. After speaking and hearing in Lithuanian for the past 48 hours I have to admit that when we went to Walgreens I wasn't sure if people would be speaking English or not, it's been an awesome experience thus far. Stay tune for more updates :)
So crazy to me to see Lithuanian places, Utah has nothing like this

Inside the Lithuanian community church

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