Monday, January 31, 2011

Chicago Day 3

Today we went downtown to the heart of Chicago! It was so amazing! The buildings are so big and so old, you can see how much history Chicago has. My parents and I went to the Sears Tower, now known as the Willis Tower and went up to the 103 floor to the SkyDeck! It was so pretty to see Lake Michigan (which is huge!) and I was super excited to go in their Skydeck which is like a human window that puts you on the side of the building 1,453 feet above the city! It was funny because I had to force my dad in it because he was scared and my dad is NEVER scared!
After the tower we ate at a place called Coco Pazzo Cafe which is an Italian restaurant, it was delicious! Even though Chicago is freezing in the winter time, I really like it. I've thought about applying to Northwestern University for graduate school and today we drove past the campus which right smack dab in the middle of downtown. I'm still trying to decide if I would enjoy walking on a campus that is downtown...and if I would want to walk in freezing temperature haha but the thought of living in Chicago is super exciting, so I guess we'll see!

We were hoping to go back downtown tomorrow but a huge blizzard is coming. Not like the so-called "blizzard" Utah had a few months ago but a full on crazy storm. They're calling it one of Chicago's top five worst storms, schools and flights have even been canceled ahead of time!! Not really excited for this...but it's kinda cool that we get to witness something so...historic? Maybe after tomorrow's storm my love for Chicago will lessen, I'll let ya'll know :)

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