Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Best Friend's Birthday


This past weekend my best friend (of 10 years) turned 21!! whoot whoot!! We had a super fun weekend! On Saturday Emelie and her husband as well as Greg and I went to the bees game, it was a great game even though once the sun set it was pretty chilly. There were fireworks after the game, which I ordered especially for her birthday ;)

We had great seats!!

Emelie and Josh

Greg and I
 After the game Emelie and I showed the guys this video we made as sophomores in high school...it was pretty lame so it's a pretty big deal that they still like us haha. After that we ended up playing mario kart until 1am, everytime we're all together we have such a blast! Love my bestie!

Her birthday fell on Easter this year so it was a double celebration! I made Emelie some bomb cupcakes with awesome candles, but as soon as I lit them they melted...but it was the thought that counted!

We went to Tepanyaki for dinner, it's a restaurant just like Bonsai or Benihana where the chef cooks in front of you. It was super delicious and pretty hilarious. The cook always has you catch a shrimp in your mouth and I obviously didn't (picture below) even though we tried like 4 times...and Emelie's husband, Josh, even fell back in his chair because he was so "dedicated" to catching his shirmp. It was a great night with good friends!!

Of course everyone is laughing at me


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  2. I love you too best friend ever!! Thanks for giving me the best birthday ever! I hope I can make yours just as good this year! :)

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