Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lake Powell!!!

Spent the past week in Lake Powell and I am not very happy about being back home! But I had a great time! I went with Greg's family again this year and it was even better than last year! We stayed in the most perfect spot and had great weather. It did storm for half of one day but I was still able to get my tan on :)

 This year I was convinced I would clear the wake on a wakeboard but the water ended up being too  choppy to even wakeboard so we spend most of the time surfing which I am pretty much pro at (aka "pro" means without rope). <<<video watch it<<<

Greg's cousins brought a jetski which was so amazing to have, I had a hoot of a time throwing Greg off the back of it (and getting thrown off) and showing Greg the speed demon inside of me (55mph). Since we had the jetski we were able to go to the area we stayed at last year. We found the place where we carved our names in a rock and were able to carve "2011". It was crazy to sit there and realize that one year ago we were sitting in the same spot :) 

last year's picture

this year <3

My favorite part of Lake Powell is sleeping on the very top of the houseboat and falling asleep to the stars and waking up to the sunshine...yes the spiders and bugs freak me out sometimes but it's fun sleeping outside. Speaking of night we all came back to the houseboat and as we were parking the speedboat someone yells "spiders!". There was a bizzilion spiders on the side of the houseboat, oh and the best part was that one was a black widow! With a red hourglass on it! Now I'm sure you know what that means, but for those of you who don't, the female black widow is the most poisonous spider! One bite and you're a goner! Luckily my manly boyfriend smashed it with a bottle and we were safe. Yet I still kept replaying the episode of "I shouldn't be alive" where the little boy got bitten by a black widow and was only saved because his dad smuggled a vaccine from Mexico. 

Anywho...we all had a great time. Greg's nephew, Kaden, who is barely 5 years old got up on the wakeboard, he is going to be a professional!! We had a "relaxation station" which was perfect to lounge on all day and catch up on my reading :)

  Lake Powell is so beautiful day or night.

I was so grateful to be able to go and spend time with such a great family and enojy the beautiful scene and sunshine of Lake Powell, I think I might have to go back tomorrow I had such a perfect, fun time!!

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