Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nice Day For A White Wedding

Welcome to Utah, I have been to 3 weddings in one week...

The first was for our good friends Brad and Katie (bachelorette girl), Greg and I just recently started hanging out with them and we just love them to death! Their wedding was up Millcreek Canyon and it was so beautiful! We had a lovely brunch and their cake was to die for! Plus they had these super cute white chocolate covered rice krispy treats to take home (I would include a picture but I already ate the 3 I had, they're from Katie looked beautiful and it made me tear up hearing from all of their family and friends and how happy they were for them. Congrats I freaking love you two!

Next was my friend Tay Tay, the cute girl I met a few summers ago, she had a lovely backyard reception with the most delicious food. I love when receptions have food :) Her cake looked amazingly delicious but unfortunately we left before we could have a bite. I loved her bouquet and dress and hair and just EVERYTHING! Tay Tay is the sweetest happiest girl you could ever meet. I wish her and her hubby the best for eternity!

Beautiful view (especially for Layton)

These two are high school sweethearts! I remember going to homecoming and I just thought they were the most beautiful couple! Their wedding was at a place called Le Jardin, a greenhouse filled with every type of flower/plant. They had a cute video of them playing while we waited to greet them and it was a very cool atmoshpere, not to mention they had cold stone! I've never seen that before! They are the happiest couple and I'm glad to see their happy ending play out, congrats!

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