Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quick Thoughts About Life

Life is full of struggles and trials. So why would you ever pass up the moments, things or the people that will make your days easier and happier? Carpe Diem. It's time to seize the day and grab hold of the things that bring us light.

Do what you believe because there will always be someone to judge you, you can't please anyone, so please yourself. This isn't selfish because it's your life that you have been gifted with and you should be able to take care of it. If you know something makes you happy, keep doing it. If you know something brings you down, get rid of it.

I've always believed that your lover and your friends should be the ones who make your life easier. Who make your cares go away and who bring happiness to your life. I believe you should be happy with yourself because you shouldn't expect any one else to make you happy. If somebody in your life brings you down, they shouldn't be allowed to experience your life. Things in this world have one of two purposes, to make our life easier or to make it harder. Pick the people and the things that will make it easier, life is hard enough already...pick the things that bring happiness.

Here's a post by the lovely Kat, "30 lessons life has taught me", her thoughts are so simple and beautiful. Take the time to read it, I promise you'll gain something from it :)

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