Sunday, February 12, 2012

Who do you wanna be?

Something came to me last week during a conversation about goals and what needed to be accomplished. When we were little we were always asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Throughout life we are constantly forced to think about what we want. What job we want to have, what pair of shoes we want to wear, what school we want to spend 4 years at. But does anyone ever question who do you want to be?  

I laughed at myself when this came out of my mouth because it was the most simple thought. Why don't we focus on who we want to be instead of what we want? Granted some of us do, but there's many of us who can admit that our desires are to be a CEO, drive a BMW, live in Hollywood, marry the man of your dreams or find the cure to cancer. All these things are great desires, but how do we reach these goals?  Again, you probably are thinking along the lines of going to school to get my MBA, save my money, or leave Utah. Yes, these are ways to get where you want to be, but dig deeper. Who do you want to be on your way there?

My point is that  if we focus on the person we want to be we will most likely end up with the material concepts we desire. We can set goals to have a BMW one day or become a millionaire. But then, you're just a person who drives a BMW with a million dollars in there account. 

Now what if you focused on being driven, kind, independent, caring, outgoing and smart. You will be a driven person who is smart and chances are you will be able to reach your desires because of who you are. It easy to dream about the big picture, but it's even easier to accomplish the smaller things. Work on being confident and caring because without good characteristics you may never reach your desires.

When I read about the nice things said about other people, I wonder "what would someone say about me?". Do you want to be remembered as the girl with 20 pairs of Louis Vuitton heels or the girl who was always kind and selfless? I'm sure we all know that guy in your neighborhood with a huge house who is a total jerk or that woman with the perfect husband who makes you question how he even wanted to marry her. During these hard times we have realized more than ever how quickly we can lose something. A house, a job, a loved one...So now I think more than ever it is important to focus on something that we are less likely to lose. Who we are.

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