Sunday, November 7, 2010

Food moods

With winter coming up, it's common to fall into a little depression slump. I was on Doctor Oz's website and learned that 40% of our happiness comes from what we do ourselves such as exercise, eating, etc. I also found this cool article about 3 foods that can make you happier!

1) MILK: It produces serotonin which is the chemical that makes our bodies happy. One glass of milk can help you be alert and awake and in a good mood!

2) WALNUTS: They have omega 3 fats which make you less prone to depression and it makes people easier to get along with. Walnuts, pecans and pistachios are the nuts that have the highest levels of omega 3.

3) VITAMIN B: The vitamin B12 is great at fighting depression and can boost your mood. In fact, a lack of B vitamin can give you fatigue or make you anemic. There are different B vitamins, but B12 can be found in meat, poultry, egg yolk and milk. 

Let's just say i'll be loading up on these foods during the winter!

While on the topic of food moods, I found another article that explains what kind of mood you are in when you crave certain types of foods.

  • If you crave tough foods, like meat, or hard and crunchy foods, you could be feeling angry.
  • If you crave sugars, you could be feeling depressed.
  • If you crave soft and sweet foods, like ice cream, you could be feeling anxious.
  • If you crave salty foods, you could be stressed.
  • If you crave bulky, fill-you-up foods, like crackers and pasta, you could be feeling lonely and sexually frustrated.
  • If you crave anything and everything, you could be feeling jealous

 Hope ya'll find this as interesting as i did! Thanks Dr.Oz!!


  1. Lovely.. haha.. well half the time I'm craving sweets and sugars. Then I crave salty foods. Ha but the most I crave is the "fill you up foods" those damn carbs.. which means I'm.......... hahahahah. Wow. Crap too bad I don't like milk. :)

  2. This was actually really enlightening... thanks for posting!

  3. oh i'm glad ya'll liked it! lol jess i am with you, always craving sweets and sugars...