Sunday, November 7, 2010

My weakness is food

It's sad...because when I found the picture above I immediately thought "mmmm how yummy" and my mouth started to water. No joke. Which is why I have made a goal to eat healthier!

I enjoy eating out, just like any normal person. Burgers, pasta, chinese food, you name it! I am obsessed with cafe rio, ask any of my friends, and I recently had a taco bell addiction. Literally an ADDICTION!! I had taco bell 4 times in 48 hours....luckily I flushed my random binge out of my system and now I want to get back to working out and taking care of myself.

It's crazy how food, especially bad food, can affect your energy, mood, skin and weight. I've always been active but now that I've lost my mojo it's time to get back on track.

I researched how long it takes cravings like sugar and fat to leave your system and it's 28 days. My strategy is to substitute sugars with fruit, drink more water, exercise and gradually decrease the sugary and fatty foods I eat.  I'll update my progress, hopefully it won't be too hard. I'm going to a 5:30AM work out class tomorrow, so I guess I'm starting my 28 day cleanse with a bang!


  1. Oh god. Story of our lives. Hahah despite the fact that I try to eat one salad and day and still work out obsessively.. nothing seems to help me cut down on the donuts, frozen yogurt, and cookies. SAD. I'm trying to use you as my inspiration to be better.. it's just so hard.. I pray to God I have a fast metabolism for my entire life.. or I'm screwed!

  2. lol my 28 day cleanse lastest maybe a week if even that haha, and i'm pretty sure our la tart dates dont help either! but who cares :)