Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Moods- Wrong Side of the Bed

Has anyone ever asked you, 
"Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed"?

What does this mean? For the longest time I became superstitious and actually tried to get out of the right side of my bed every morning. But it actually means, you wake up in a bad mood. Well...that's me today.

Waking up on "the wrong side of the bed" can be caused by lack of sleep, going to bed in a bad mood, waking up late or even hours after you have woken up. For example, that jerk off who honks at you on your drive to school only to ruin your entire day, or a friend who doesn't notice your new haircut...or best of all your significant other who somehow manages to put all of your "aligned stars" out of order. Whatever it is, this is my question: 

why do others affect our mood so much?

Well, I went to handy dandy Google to search this and where ever I looked I found the same answer. Not all of us are on the same "wave length" which is why we can disturb each others' moods so quickly. Hence, we can't always prevent certain factors from putting us down in the dumps, but we can reverse our moods. As much as we would love for every one around us to focus on making us happy, it ultimately comes down to making ourselves happy.

One article on yahoo stated "Returning to your natural state and operating on your optimum energy level is vital to your happiness and well-being". In simple terms this means, we need to do something to make ourselves the way we were before our mood was changed.  One thing is to avoid the things that change your mood. For example, if crowded places stress you out try to avoid those places. If your boyfriend is being a butt head, well you can't really avoid him so that's when you do things that make you happy.

Here's a few the article recommended:

1) Take showers, hot baths, or swim in open water: Water not only cleanses away dirt, it also helps to wash off emotional ‘residue’.

2) Exercise your body: The right type of exercise will calm your body and quiet your mind.

3) Watch a good movie: Movies are a great way to release emotional stress. Watching a sad movie can make you feel more relaxed or calm while a high impact movie can get you back on your feet and energized.

4) Make time for yourself: Most importantly, make time for yourself and do the things you love. By wearing yourself out you make yourself more susceptible to outside influences. Taking time to read a great magazine, having a glass of wine, taking a walk in nature, or just relaxing in a quiet and beautiful place are luxuries you can’t go without. Maybe for you it is singing, dancing, praying, meditating, rock-climbing, or shopping. Whatever does the trick, do it!

Hope this helps! Here's the article I mentioned and one other that I found interesting :)

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