Monday, September 19, 2011

Proud to be a UTE!

So of course this post just had to come right after the Utes had their big win against BYU, big as in 54-10 haha!! But that's not the only reason I'm proud of the University of Utah and proud to be an alumni ute.

Not only are we now a PAC-12 school, but we are represented in Victoria's Secret PINK line!! Note:The smallest things have the greatest impact :)


My pledge class 2008, with the
cutest shirts "you had me at halo"
(our symbol is the angels)
 In addition! Utah's Greek system (fraternities) is growing stronger each year! This fall Pi Beta Phi killed it in rush! They got nearly 50 gorgeous, incredible girls. It's nice to know that I left the chapter in good hands.

PC 08 during Rush, hot outfits!

Prez Jill and Yassie :)

Jill Conrad is a great president and I know every position in the house is being run by the best of the best. Our house corporation totally refurnished the Pi Phi house, flat screens tvs and all! Plus we've still got the best chef and we received a ton of accolades at our national convention. I need to stop by and visit all the new girls!!

The New 2011 Pledge Class

Pi Phi till We Die!
Whether or not any of this makes sense to you, point is, Pi Phi is the best. And the University of Utah is the best! So proud to say I'll bleed red till the end :)

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  1. Love this post, love the U, love Pi Phi, and most of all...I love YOU! xoxo.