Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Actually Won!!

Hey!!!! Remember when I wrote this>>> post about being determined to win Lady Antebellum tickets off the radio????? Well......(drum roll please) 

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!

Totally unexpected even though I did spend the whole week calling the station. Here's what happened!

Each day at 7am, 10, 2pm and 5 they gave out tickets to caller #10. So yes, I had my phone alarm set two minutes before each hour and spent 30 minutes each time trying to get through.

One time I was caller #1, fail. The other thousand times the line would ring but no answer, fail. Then on Friday, the last day of the contest I got through! BUT they told me they had already given away tickets so instead they gave me an invite to the Christmas party giveaway they were having the next day, kinda fail.

At the next hour my friend Marie and I tried calling again and no answer. Marie figured that they had already picked a winner so we went to grab some food. I decided to call again to see if I could get my mom on the Christmas party invite list....

It started ringing...and the guy answered "Hello, The Eagle"
Me (casually): "Did you guys already pick someone for the Lady Antebellum tickets?"
DJ: "No...but I'm gonna pick you!"
Me: "What? Really? No way. Oh my gosh!!! (total freak out)"
DJ: "Yea really!"

Holy cow the coolest moment of my life!!!!!!! It was 30 minutes past the hour so I figured they had already picked a winner so I was not expecting it at all!!!!! Oh man it was so freakin awesome!!!! And I had to blog about it just because I had written here that I was going to win! Talk about determination!

So any who we went to the xmas party the next day to pick up my tickets and try to win $77,000 in prizes. We had to put numbers 1-8 in the winning order. 

The winner was supposed to win a car, snowmobile, gift cards, tickets and like a million other things...but nobody won. But they had free food and I got my tickets so I was happy :)

Thanks to the Eagle 101.5, can't wait till the concert!!!!!!!!

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