Thursday, May 24, 2012 addiction

Anybody who knows me, especially if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, knows that I have an addiction to popcorn. It didn't start until about a year ago and now I think it's a problem. Last night Greg and I were going to have a Mad Men marathon and usually we make popcorn at his house, but I randomly decided I would go to the movie theater and spend $7 on a large popcorn.

 I even have a special order, my popcorn needs to be "buttered in thirds" (movie theater lingo) which means by popcorn is thoroughly covered in butter. Then I have to add the salt of course! Driving with popcorn in your lap is a lot harder than I expected...popcorn was flying every where anddd I couldn't help but snack on the way haha.
My friends totally make fun of me, especially when I get heartburn (what? grandmas get heartburn) but what can I say...the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem ;) xo

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