Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Weekend: St. George

So this past weekend Greg and I took a last minute trip down to St. George with his family. His sisters were doing a sprint triathlon so we went down to support them! Can I just getaway ever!!!
View from the condo

St. George is the best weekend getaway, it's a quick 4 hour drive and we had the best weather (it was raining in Salt Lake)! Greg and I always compete to who can get the tannest (I always win..duh).
We spent most of our time by the pool and eating. On Saturday it was race day, Greg's sisters Heather and Ashley did amazing!!! They swam, biked and ran! They made me super excited for my race (which is in 15 days).
Did I mention they are both moms?!
Greg's Cute Niece

The sun makes me so happy, I could live in 100 degree weather every day! Just the sight of palm trees completes my life :) I'm so happy we got to escape for a little fun in the sun!

On our way back home we had quite the adventure...Greg's tooth was hurting so we went to Wal-Mart to get him floss and ended up buying three kinds of floss, mouth wash and special tooth picks...$10 and one hour later he still didn't get whatever was in his tooth. Haha! Then on our way home we stopped in Beaver (3 times) for food and got to see the famous Chevron chair!
I definitely thought it was bigger, but it's still pretty big! Then we kept seeing people looking through weird types of glasses and realized it was the eclipse!!! Luckily some kind kids let us borrow their equipment to check out this spectacle!
Welder's mask does the trick
Although I look like an alien, I got to see the eclipse! Pretty cool!
Greg's three pairs of glasses
After our 5 1/2 hour drive/adventure we finally made it home, if I could have it my way my vacations would last for months at a time :) At least this weekend is a long weekend with memorial day!! Can't wait! xo

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