Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Whoot whoot Halloween!! This year it was harder to get into the Halloween spirit since I'm not in college anymore it seems harder to find things to do. But I got to dress up on Saturday as Kate Middleton, and I had my lovely Prince, William by my side :)

After several people telling us we look like them...we had to make the comparison ourselves :)

I was pretty disappointed that Halloween fell on a Monday but it sure helped the work day go by fast! Each year my work does a Halloween day where everyone dresses up and we get yummy food! I was a nerd which is kind of a cop out but at least I dressed up! We ate chili bread bowls, salad and dessert mmmmm! Everyone was so creative in dressing up, made the day go by super fast :) We had a cross dresser, bay watch babe, oompa loompa, the NBA lockout,  a gift from God (pic below) and Pee Wee Herman.

My crazy co-workers, awesome costumes!

Later that night Greg and I met up with our friends Brad and Katie. We all dressed up and went to a haunted house, it was really fun :) I think Greg and I got a little too into our costumes because we were talking like nerds, walking like nerds and having conversations like scientific mathematically genius nerds haha best time ever!
Two Nerds,  Jim Morrison and a Fox= Best Night

I love Halloween! Next year I think I want to be a little more creative because I saw some great costumes this year! Hope ya'll had a good one too :)

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  1. Wow, you two sure do give the royal couple a run for their money!