Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

This past weekend was amazing!! Thanks to my amazing job I got a 4-day weekend which was filled with food, love, laziness, shopping and guns...

On Thanksgiving Day, Greg came over and had dinner with my parents and I. Yes, just the four of us :) And then...we went to Greg's parents house and ate dinner with the 16 of them, total contrast huh?! But it's nice because we get the best of both worlds, calming quiet and exciting chaos.

Greg napping with his other lover BEFORE dinner haha (*notice the ugly bed spread*)
Dinner #1

Here comes the laziness, Greg and I love the show "Weeds" and we've watched it from season one and let's just say that on Thursday we were on Season 4 and by Sunday we were almost to the end of season 7. We seriously were being hermits, we'd eat, sleep, eat and watch weeds. Love love love!

On Saturday Greg's brother in law took us shooting. We went out by Utah lake and I shot my first gun! I have always been scared of guns so I'll admit that it took me about 10 minutes until I finally shot for the first time. I shot a shotgun and...I decided I don't really like shot guns haha. Luckily they had a different gun that is much quieter and doesn't kick back as much, that one I liked! 
See, i wasn't scared anymore :)
I totally shot a water bottle that was about 50 feet away! I'm pratically pro, until I got scared again when they brought out the pistols...those things are loud!! Luckily cute Greg comforted me when my *cough cough* "eyes started to water" and made me feel comfortable, after that I was going all out...Call of Duty style! :)

The remaining of the weekend involved some Christmas shopping and an early xmas gift for me!!! So I had you notice the ugly nasty 70s looking bed spread in the picture above because...I finally got some super cute happy colorful bedding!!! Yes, I am obviously ridiculously excited, but hey what can I say, the smallest things can make me jump for joy! Anywho here is it, adorable! And the best part was that the comforter, shams and 3 decoration pillows were all only $42. Go TJ MAXX!!!!! I'm a dork, I know!

I love it so much, I made my bed the second I woke up just so I could stare at it

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving weekend, still can't get over the fact that December is in 3 days! I'm off to do some cyber Christmas shopping! xoxo

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