Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eyelashes; Latisse, Lash Extensions, Fakies and more

I have been so excited to do this post because when I was experimenting with my eyelashes I searched everywhere for advice and couldn't seem to find what I needed. But here it is! A post about all things lashes! Disclaimer: Some of these pics aren't super appealing...taking pictures of your eyelashes is somewhat awkward :)

For those of you who know me, I have always been self conscious when it comes to my eyelashes. They were short and straight. I would constantly curl them and load on the mascara which eventually resulted in bald spots along my lash line. I tried to perm my lashes, wear fake ones, had eyelash extensions and at the end I tried Latisse. So here is my review of all four, hope this helps!! 
I've listed my rating next to each option, on a scale from 1-5;
* being the lowest, ***** being the best.

Eyelash Perm*
If some of you haven't heard of this, it is basically a procedure where a perming solution (same as the one they put in your hair) is put on your eyelashes causing them to be permanently curled. This didn't really work for me.

Cons: The lady who did mine left the solution on too long so one of my eyes had really curled lashes. I couldn't put mascara on them or anything because they were too curled. Plus, my eyelashes were short to begin with so there wasn't much of a difference. Ladies with longer lashes may have a better experience, just be sure to ask for a shorter perming time.

Pros: If it works, it's great. It's not too expensive, just about $20-$30 and lasts 2-3 months.

yes my lashes were "permed" in this picture...obviously no difference

Fake Eyelashes***
I am the queen of applying fake eyelashes, not only for myself but for all of my friends too. I have mastered the art after watching numerous YouTube videos. I would buy my lashes at Sally's Beauty Supply and use the DUO adhesive that comes in black (turns black when it dries).

Cons: A set of lashes can only be reused about 5-7 times if you take good care of them. Mastering the application technique takes practice and also takes extra time in the morning. I did mine so much that I got used to the routine and it didn't take up much time. But you constantly have to make sure they stay on, if you're keeping them on overnight, chances are you may wake up with one slightly hanging off...not attractive, always have to carry glue with you.

Pros: If you can do them right, they look nice, long and luscious! Not too expensive, about $20 a month. Plus it's not permanent, you can go natural when you need to.
*TIP: Use a safety pin to put the glue onto the eyelashes and let the glue dry a little before applying.

Eyelash Extensions ***3/4
These are all the rage right now! Individual false eyelashes are glued to your real lashes making them look fuller and longer. I had mine for about four months and I enjoyed them!

Cons: They are somewhat high maintenance. You need to get them re-done about every four weeks which takes about 1-2 hours each time. I tried to make them last longer than four weeks but they start to look pretty bad. The cost is high, $75-$120 for the first set and then $30-45 to get them filled each time (every four weeks). Extensions also have the tendency to look fake if they are done wrong. The problem I had with them was when I was in Lake Powell and didn't wear make up, they looked unnatural. Plus, when your eyelashes grow out the extensions grow out with them, causing them to become even longer and they begin to droop off the middle of your lash and hang off.

Pros: Even though they are high maintenance they are low maintenance at the same time. My favorite part about having these was not having to curl my lashes or apply mascara. It cut down my getting ready time and I never had to worry about them. 

They don't look too bad, but see what I mean by unnatural?

Latisse *****
This is literally a blessing in a bottle. Latisse is a prescription that prolongs your eyelash growth cycle, allowing your lashes to become longer, darker and thicker. Out of all of my eyelash experimenting, this is the winner!

Cons: It takes 16 weeks to see the complete results but my eyelashes were noticeably longer after only 6 weeks and now it hasn't even been 16 weeks and they are beyond long! The only other con I can think of is the price. One bottle costs $120 (target) but my first bottle has lasted me three months because I use one drop for both eyes by using an eyeliner brush. The cost actually comes to be about the same price each month as eyelash extensions. Another con would be side effects, if you got any, but I never had any problems. Plus you need to always use Latisse or else your lashes will go back to the way they were, but I think spending $120 every 6-8 months is worth it.

Pros: They are your real lashes! Au Naturale! Low-maintenance, you just apply one drop at night and that's all. Plus, once your lashes have gotten long enough, you don't even have to curl them, just apply mascara. Getting a prescription is really easy, especially from an eye doctor. I was worried it could discolor my eyes since I have blue eyes, but it didn't. I also had no side effects. I would recommend Latisse to everyone! I also know that Revitalash works, but that I would recommend using after you've used Latisse for the 16 weeks.
*TIP: Don't use the brushes it comes with, use an eyeliner brush and one drop for both eyes. Also once you've reached a point where you like the length of your lashes, apply Latisse every 2 or 3 days to make the bottle last longer.

The day I got my extensions taken off
and started Latisse>>>>

My lashes were half their original size because of the extensions.

After four weeks I had already notice my eyelashes grow back to normal (week 3)

Week 6

Week 8
Week 8

Week 12

Week 12

Week 13

Eyelashes have always been a statement of beauty and I envy those people who have naturally long lashes (my boyfriend even had longer ones than me, unfair). I've obviously have reached my goal of having the lashes I've always wanted, so I hope that these reviews can save you some time if you decide to embark on your own journey to longer lashes :)


  1. That is incredible, I would have never thought that Latisse worked that well. Your eyelashes are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. After using Latisse for two straight months every night, you can certainly notice some results. After 3 or 4 months, your physician might already recommend a schedule for treatment after every two days. In case you ceased using Latisse, the eyelashes might just gradually go back to their original state.

  3. Wow... you have great results. I'm also thinking to use Latisse, because Dr. Jerome Edelstein also told me about it and said that I will have some really great results, just to try it. :D I can't wait to have longer eyelashes without using falsies.

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