Monday, November 21, 2011

Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

This weekend my work volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, Greg came with :) cutie! We spent our Saturday morning painting doors and door frames, sounds super exciting I know! But to be honest I'm really glad we went! It was totally worth it! Made me feel really good, I didn't mind being up at eight on a Saturday volunteering especially with Thanksgiving and the Holidays around the corner. It's the least I can do...and I'm sure it's good karma!!

Co-workers and spouses (notice the heart on Greg's arm? My doing. haha)

The house that will be donated
Team Work!

My french manicure when I lost focus on painting the door haha don't judge

Habitat for Humanity is a great organization check out their website!

Habitat for Humanity International
Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity


  1. Such a great idea!! I love Habitat for Humanity!! Good for you!

  2. I love Habitat for Humanity :) Looks like you guys had fun helping out.