Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chicago Snow Day

So the blizzard really did come and it was pretty cool! Now I understand the difference between a blizzard and a snow storm. A blizzard is when it is snowing while winds are blowing 60mph, I like to call it flying ice. There were moments when I thought the house was going to blow away! Luckily we didn't have to go anywhere and we were able to stay warm and cozy inside!

After a while things got boring because the internet went out as well as the cable...but fortunately an adventure arose! A guy in a truck got stuck right in front of our house so we went out to help him and boy was he thankful for us! We snowplowed the driveway so he could park his truck there for the night and I was only out there for 10 or 15 minutes and my pants were frozen when I got inside! The back of my legs felt like icicles for the rest of the night!
The beginning of the storm, notice the lower bench

A few hours later....
The wind blew the snow against the windows everywhere!
Today we woke up to a winter wonderland! The sun was shining but the roads were crazy! In Chicago it rarely snows, so these two feet of snow were considered a state of emergency (I can hear the Utahns laughing right now). All of the stores were closed, there were no cars downtown, this historic blizzard sure left it's mark! And now I totally believe in karma because we got stuck ourselves driving this morning and people immediately pulled over to help us :)

This morning

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