Friday, February 11, 2011

Last few days in CHI

So I'm home now, but I felt like I needed to finish telling my journey! So a couple days after the blizzard my parents and I drove down to Ohio to visit my parents other friends! The roads were horrible once we reached Indiana, I didn't like Indiana that much. Even though we just drove through it, it was flat and boring. Ohio is a lot like Utah, same stores, looks the same except the mountains are hills.

My parent's friend have a son and he goes to Miami University (yes, in Ohio) so he took me to a fraternity social. He's a Phi Delta Theta and there were a bunch of Kappa girls there haha. I asked my fellow kappa friend for some kind of kappa code so I could fit in lol. Their parties are a lot like the greek row parties at the University of Utah, except they have houses aside from their fraternity houses. They call them annexes and that is where they hold socials and parties, interesting! Near campus was a few bars, one of which they rented out, it wasn't too exciting but it was fun to be at a different university.

I must say, everyone told me the Pi Phis are the coolest and hottest girls at their university too :) so that was exciting to hear! Miami University is somewhat in the middle of nowhere and it has it's own college town, much different than the University of Utah. We were only in Ohio for a day but I would like to think my experience in the mid-west broadened my horizons! I will always love Utah, but it's fun to see the cultures outside of our little bubble :)

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