Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm a Stripper

Well I was for an hour...and it was the hardest thing of my life!!!!

The Bachelorette
For my friend Katie's bachelorette party a group of us girls went to an adult dance and fitness studio. We had our own private group where we spent the first part of the hour learning the "basic" stripper pole movements.

katie showing us her moves
 I never knew dancing on a stripper pole required so much technique and arm strength...dang I give those "exotic dancers" major props! I was able to do about 3 of the may have been called a martini glass??

Anywho, pole dancing may not be my calling.

For the rest of our session we chose to do aerial stuff, this was super fun but again, very strenuous. I felt like I was in a cirque du soleil vegas show...until I realized I had only learned the basics...again I am in awe of those performers. Definitely a great work out!! It was super fun!!! I totally recommend taking one of these classes for any reason (girl's night, birthday, etc) just try it!

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