Friday, June 24, 2011

Those Happy People

I envy you. Yes, I envy those people who are naturally happy. Who had a smile from ear to ear from the day they were born. They're not being fake or exaggerating emotions from the great day they had...they are just purely happy. So how?! I get cranky when I'm hungry and snappy when I'm stressed...but I know a hand full of people who can just glow with smiles and laughter 24/7. I was trying to figure out if  this impassive good mood is a gene that you're born with or something you gain along the way. I want my children to be carefree happy people but if I'm not build that way, can they be? It's so unfair, most of us have to "fake it till we make it" in order to have that sweet, kind, loving, happy personality otherwise...if we snap or have a naturally frowning face (me) we can become intimidating or bitchy....ugh. Now I'm not saying I'm a grump, I am content/happy 98.9% of the time. But when I am crazily hyper, happy go only lasts a fews hours max, and then I'm drained. I wish they had a happy pill...that didn't contain illegal drugs...


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  1. Love this!! I need to do some of those things suggested by scientists haha! Miss you.